How to save money on your Powerball play

How to save money on your Powerball play

There are many options available for a player that is not certain about investing in subscriptions and multi-draws. One can consider playing the syndicate bets or combined bets. The two offer better chances of winning at an affordable price.

With syndicate bets, you share the costs of the tickets with other participants. The same thus allows you to play multiple lines without spending on all the lottery tickets on your own. If you win, you get to share the prize with other participants in line.

Combined bets or the bundle package, on the other hand, offers both features. You can play with a personal entry and also with several syndicate bets with other players.

Where does Powerball ticket money go to?

It is common knowledge that a percentage of ticket money goes into the next draw, what is not known is where the other percentage go to. There are many expenses to be covered including:

• State lottery administration fee

• Expenses linked to the draw like advertising, commission for ticket retailers, accounting, vendors fees among others

• State programs including education, social work, and other CSRs