Everything 토토사이트 About Online Sport Betting

Everything 토토사이트 About Online Sport Betting

One of the best ways to show your support for or 스포츠 토토사이트 against a team is by staking a bet. In today’s world, you can stake a bet at your fingertips, but just before you do so, it is important that you understand how the world of betting works. As easy as betting might sound, sometimes understanding certain terminologies and applying them to your stake can multiply your earning, which is why we have composed this post. In this post, we will take you through everything you need to know about betting, and what the various terminologies mean.

In this post, we will take a look at the following:

* What You Should Know As A Beginner To Sports Betting
* What The Various Sport Betting Terms Mean
* Best Sport Betting Platforms
* Some Sports Betting FAQS

So, without wasting your time, let’s dive right into it 스포츠 토토사이트.

How Does Betting Work?

The whole concept behind sports betting is simple. All you need is to pick a platform you want to bet through and then sign up. After your sign up process, you have the option of choosing any kind of sport you want to stake your bet in, then you simply choose a team or a side you think will win, and then you put some money on that team, or you stake your bet based on the outcome of an event. So, when your prediction is right, you will win some amount of money in addition to what you staked. However, if your prediction or some of your predictions are wrong then you will lose your money or some of your money.

Bookmakers 토토사이트 리스트 and Odds:

Remember I said when you place a bet, you need to place a platform, right? Well, these platforms are called bookmakers, and bookmakers refer to a company that predicts the possible outcome of a sporting event or the probability of a sporting event and then offers odds.

These odds come in three forms either fractional or decimal or sometimes American. Odds work based on probability. All teams aren’t equal, there are obviously teams that are better than others, hence the likelihood of good teams or a good side winning a game against a bad team is high. The team or side most likely to win will get a lower odd, whiles the team less likely to win has a much higher odd.

Let me explain, assuming two guys are boxing( Person A and Person B), and per the calculations of the bookmaker, person A has a 7chance of winning the bout whiles person B has a 30% chance of winning the bout, the betting company will give you the option of staking a bet for either person with odds assigned to each person. Well, if you stake your bet on person B, and person B wins, you are going to make more money than when you bet on person A and he wins. So, basically, the odds are inversely proportional to the likelihood of you winning. Such that if you have a higher likelihood of winning, your odds are lower, and if you have a lower chance of winning, your odds are higher.

So, the total amount of money you make depends on the amount you stake, and the odds you choose. So, if your predictions are right, and you win the bet, the bookmaker gives you the option to cash out or withdraw your winning, or you have the option of re-staking that money again. However, if your predictions are wrong, you will lose your bet, the bookmaker gets to keep your stake.

Formats 토토사이트 추천 Of Odds:

As said earlier, odds are expressed in two forms:

* Decimal
* American

Let’s take some time to understand how these odds work.

Decimal 토토사이트 검증 Odds:

In the world of betting, odds are represented in a decimal format or an American format. And converting these odds to percentages to see how much you are actually making is where the problem lies.

Decimal odds as the name implies are represented in a decimal format, for example, 5.8, 2.9, 1.6, 0.6 and so on. To convert decimal odds to percentage, you basically, divide 1 by the odds offered by the bookmaker and then you multiply 안전 토토사이트 the value you get by 100. So, for instance, if the bookmaker offers a 5.58 odds for team A to win, to convert this to percentage, divide 1 by 5,58 (1/5.58= 0.179, approximately 0.18), and then you multiply the number you get by 100, which gives you 18%. The 18% represents the winning probability of team A by the bookmaker. So, per the bookmaker, team A has an 18% chance of winning the game, hence a higher odd.

And to calculate how much profit you can win from an odd, you basically multiply the amount you want to stake by the odds given and then subtracting your stake from the total amount you earn. So, in this case, assuming you are staking $200, then the possible money you can make from this bet is 100X5.58, which gives you $558. To calculate your profit, you simply subtract $100 from $558 in this case, which gives you $458. So, in this case, if you are staking $100 on a 5.58 odd, and the team bearing this odd wins, you are going to make a $458 profit.

America Odds:

Another way some bookmaker might present their odds is in the American odds format. American odds are represented in the format +500, -200, +300, -250, and so on. So, let’s take a look at how you can calculate how much you can earn from an American odd format.

With American odds, 100 is the base value, what this means is that no betting odd can be expressed in a value less than 100, thus either + or -, so you can only have odds above 100.

So, what do these – and + value means when attached to an odd, well is simple. When a + is attached to a number, it simply means the amount you will win when you stake $100( the currency symbol may change depending on the country). So, assuming you see an odd of +150, what this means is that if you stake $100(assuming we are betting in dollars), your earnings will be $150.

On the other hand, the – sign attached to a number when staking a bet means you need to stake that number in order to make a $100(assuming we are staking in dollars) profit. So, assuming you see an odds of -150, this means you need to stake $150 in order to make a $100 profit.

So, how 스포츠토토사이트 do you convert these to percentages or probability?

Well, it is simple, in order to convert negative American odds to percentages, first you need to discard the negative symbol. So, assuming there odd offered by the bookmaker on team A is -180, what you do is to discard the (-) sign, leaving you with 180, then you add 100 to 180, and then divide the new value 180. This gives you 180/280, which is equal to 0.64, then you multiply this value by 100, which gives you 64%.

So, you can convert a negative odds to a percentage in three steps:

* Discard the negative symbol, and add 100 to the given odd.
* Divide the new value by the original odd value.
* And multiply the result you get by 100.

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To convert a positive American odd to percentage, you first need to

* You add 100 to the odds given.
* Then you divide the 100 by the number you get from the addition.
* And you multiply your results by 100.

So, assuming the bookmaker offers an odds of +250, what you do is that you simply add 100 to 250, giving you 350, and then you simply divide 100 by the value you get(350), which gives you 0.285, which is approximately 0.29. And then you multiply this value by 100, and then you get 29%.

Just like with decimal odds, the value you get in percentage represents the winning probability of the team with that odds, per the bookmaker.

The numbers do not add up…

You might realize that when you are done with your conversions and then you add the total number of odds in percentages, the value exceeds 100%, and this doesn’t seem right, right? Well, this is due to MARGINS, which how these betting companies make money. And we will dive deep into margins in the next session.

However, you need to note that most bookmakers give bettors the opportunity to change the odds from one form to another.